Monday, 11 March 2013

Apple Tarte

So today is absolutely bloody FREEZING! When I got up this morning I decided to add some serious colour in to my outfit (I also wore a sky blue jumper) if there isn't any sunshine I am going to have to make my own. To be honest, it did actually work. Although through my window it was grey and snowing (can you believe that? In March!) I had a really productive day and was in a pretty good mood despite the weather.
Being the sweet toothed women I am, how could I possibly resist on this cold and miserable Monday a trip to the always appetizing and welcoming Bertinet Bakery where I was wooed by this hideously delicious apple tart. My eyes were bigger than my belly as I also bought a croque monsieur and scoffed effortlessly for my lunch. So I waited til I got home to have as a cheeky dessert, heated up in the oven and served with cream. Naturally.

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